NFV Platform
& VNF Manager

The world's most scalable SDN/NFV enabled VAS Platform

Network Function Virtualization VNF manager - awardIntegra provides the ideal virtualized VAS platform for operators. Integra delivers on Network Function Virtualization (NFV) as a virtual network function component (VNFC) that provides service orchestration, dynamic function chaining and elastic deployment. This is the basis for the practical expansion into Software Defined Networks (SDN).

The NFV PlayBook

Integra's highly modular architecture, low latency and high performance for both the signalling/control plane and the data/user plane are the capabilities required to be selectively and intelligently in the content path.  This is key to managing access, the user experience of the flow, assigning bandwidth/policy and developing new policies and service. Integra is agnostic to hypervisor and can be deployed in KVM and VMWare environments on COTS hardware with ESXi hypervisor and vCloud.  It is orchestrated using OpenStack API.

Integra provides the abstraction of transport and application protocols so that key services can trigger behavior from the data path, affect the flow and content of the data stream and record/meter the use of resources.


Integra - NFV VNF Manager - schematic


At the heart of Integra lies a plug-in layer 4-7 orchestration layer, providing dynamic triggering of layer 7 services with attributes from the flow, profile, authentication and web service all being combined into a single intelligent switching capability. This capability is provided with low latency and best in class capacity numbers in throughput for signalling and data plane traffic per blade.

60 seconds: CTO Matt Halligan provides tips on what systems you need to virtualize first.

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"This proven platform (Integra) can be brought into an operator's NFV environment to significantly reduce the risk of NFV migration" From Network Virtualization First, Strategy Analytics  Read the Report 

As the industry’s most scalable virtualized VAS platform and and Network Function Virtualization VNF manager, Integra has established a new benchmark in expanding SDN architectures into application service orchestration & chaining. It powers key solutions including Mobile Data Monetization and Mobile Media Optimization, to provide innovative subscriber-aware pricing models, and congestion-aware network optimization.

From ABI's Research report: Small Operators Can Step Up to SDN/NFV by Virtualizing Video:
"The Openwave Mobility Integra platform is one answer to the Tier 2-4 operator needs. With the Integra Platform solution, the operator can immediately address and optimize both OTT video traffic and web traffic. In addition, the Openwave Mobility monetization features are put in play - including an advanced analytics capability and a scalable subscriber repository."


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