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Powering the largest UDR deployment in the world

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Openwave Mobility's Smart User Repository (vSUR) is a tried and trusted solution for operators seeking an NFV enabled Subscriber Profile Repository or User Data Repository. It powers the world's largest UDR - at a mobile operator in North America with 130 million subscribers at over five nine's reliability for more than 10 years.

A unified view of ALL your subscribers across wireless and wireline

Subscriber data management is a mission critical application and Openwave Mobility’s vSUR meets this head on. vSUR is a high performance, scalable and reliable virtualized User Data Repository built on the proven foundation of Openwave Mobility’s Directory technology and deployed in over 100 operator networks including the largest UDR deployment in the world. Our vSUR brings high-speed, low-latency user-data access that helps operators reduce the complexity of subscriber data management for expanding services and applications.

Subscriber Profile Repository case studies

In real life: Vendor lock-in. In a recent European Tier-1 deployment the operator badly needed to reduce the complexity of their existing, multiple data-stores and LDAP directories, and to free themselves from vendor lock-in.

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The flexible architecture and unrivalled performance makes vSUR the perfect choice for subscriber data management implementations requiring 3GPP-based Subscriber Profile Repository, User Data Repository or LDAP Directory components.

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Proven scalability

• Our largest deployment has served 130 million subscribers with 100% availability over 10 years
• Tested for up to 500 million subscribers
• Horizontal read and write scalability

Unrivalled performance / TCO ratio

• Performs 100K reads and 100K writes TPS on a single node
• < 1 millisecond read latency and < 5 millisecond write latency
• Proprietary data compression techniques can reduce storage requirements by up to 80%
• 30-50% smaller hardware footprint than our competitors
• Embedded database & inbuilt replication

Extreme Flexibility

• Configurable data replication and consistency policies
• Automatic data redistribution
• Supports multiple backend database technologies

The best foundation for your NFV Migration

vSUR is a critical component of our SDM-CE (SDM Cloud Edition) which provides the best possible foundation for operators wanting to virtualize their SDM infrastructure. This virtualized Subscriber Profile Repository enables mobile operators to efficiently manage their capacities through dynamic scaling, and reduce TCO and time-to-market for new services by decoupling storage from the application management interface.

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Solution Packages

Openwave Mobility’s data consolidation SDM solution is available in two packages –
1. vSUR, which is a standalone 3GPP UDR / LDAP Directory / SPR
2. SDM-CE, which includes vSUR for data aggregation and vSDF for data federation

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