Mobile Identity Management
with SmartIDM

Manage and monetize subscriber identity

Enable digital identity, state and preferences to be shared and monetized.

Mobile Identity Management is a rapidly emerging trend. Today subscribers interact with the mobile network through multiple services, and information related to these interactions is captured by the network. This rich set of information is a potential goldmine for operators. However, a decisive issue facing them is how to monetize this subscriber information. Information such as subscriber identity / digital identity, state and preferences can be shared with trusted OTT providers such as mobile advertisers, video streaming services or financial institutions who can use this information to authenticate users, personalize their services or serve targeted ads.

mobile identity management schematic

Smart Identity Manager (SmartIDM)

SmartIDM enables operators to effectively deploy a Mobile Identity Management system. With SmartIDM you can share subscriber information, including digital identity, preferences, and context, with OTT content providers and financial institutions in a secure fashion. This can be done even when the sessions are encrypted ie over HTTPS. Information shared with OTT content providers is controlled using operator policies, partnership agreements and consumer consent.

60 seconds: CTO Matt Halligan summarises how you can develop an ecosystem that delivers a targeted experience for consumers while sharing revenues with OTTs.

Apple App Transport Security Announcement

Summer 2016:  Header enrichment is no longer an option for managing your subscriber identities. How does this affect you as a mobile operator? Download the briefing sheet from the sidebar to find out.

Mobile Identity Management use cases enabled by SmartIDM

There are many ways that the subscriber identity, preferences and context provided by SmartIDM can be monetized including:

• Centralized Mobile Identity Management system for Network Applications
• Sharing subscriber identity with content partners to enable personalization & advertising
• Enabling micro-payments
• Abandoned shopping cart recovery
• Enabling Single Sign On

SmartIDM brings carrier-grade scale and advantages:

• Addresses subscriber privacy concerns (opt-in / opt-out)
• Does not increase end to end latency
• Integrates with gateway (PGW/GGSN) or AAA
• Header enrichment doesn’t work for HTTPS, but SmartIDM does
• Includes a web portal to on-board and manage Content Provider partner relationships

With SmartIDM service providers can grow their revenue with confidence, integrating services and applications without limitation, while remaining in total control of their costs.

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