Subscriber Data Management

Consolidate user repositories - unleash the power of subscriber data

In the race to grow mobile data revenues, a decisive issue faced by operators today is the problem of “data everywhere”.  Data pertaining to subscriber profiles, billing and device details is often fragmented and split across logical and physical architectures, and different locations.  Subscriber Data Management (SDM) seeks to provide centralized management of all subscriber data.  It allows operators to reduce service innovation cycles by exploiting common subscriber information.  In this way, SDM can prove an efficient means of managing diverse data sets and promoting storage efficiency, data consistency, fast access and data consolidation.

There is currently a renewed focus on Subscriber Data Management as operators launch new services on their LTE networks.  As operators expand their access with services like VoWiFi, they need access to subscriber information across various domains which requires them to look at more than just the next generation HLR/HSS.

A number of applications and services benefit directly from intelligent SDM investment.  For example the identity economy and the subscriber-driven business decisions of Policy Control and Charging (PCC) are killer applications for SDM.  Furthermore, SDM is a key enabler for mobile advertising, privacy management, convergence and personalized services such as personalized pricing.

For any of these applications the number one criteria for successful execution remains the raw capabilities of the system, where the consolidated user data is stored.  Reliability, linear scaling and low TCO are the deciding factors in the race to conquer “data everywhere”.

Openwave Mobility SDM - A Complimentary Set of Products

The need to provide a single view across data silos so operators can supply innovative, highly personalized services drives the need for a hybrid family of products.  Openwave Mobility meets this need with its SDM product mix:

With Openwave Mobility’s SDM solution operators can grow their SDM infrastructure with confidence, integrating services and applications without limitation, while remaining in total control of their costs.  Whether this is in the form of a high-end LDAP repository or a UDR backend server, Openwave Mobility truly delivers the solid foundation operators need to deploy winning SDM strategies.

Openwave Mobility as an independent software provider is dedicated to building the best of breed UDR/SDM solution.  Today with over 130 million subscribers in one T1 operator, we successfully operate the largest deployment of SDM anywhere in the world.