Smart User Repository

Supporting the world's largest UDR deployment

Openwave Mobility's Smart User Repository powers the world's largest User Data Repository. This deployment has operated at a mobile operator in North America with over 130 million subscribers at over five nine's reliability for more than seven years.

As operators adopt subscriber-oriented network and Policy Control and Charging solutions, the User Data Repository (UDR) and Subscriber Profile Repository (SPR) become
business critical components. A new breed of Subscriber Data Management (SDM) solution is required that provides predictable performance with reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Openwave Mobility Smart User Repository (SUR) (common industry term: UDR) is a high performance, scalable and reliable SDM solution built on the proven foundation of Openwave Mobility’s directory technology and deployed in over 100 operator networks including the largest UDR deployment in the world. Our SUR offers high speed, low latency user data access that helps operators reduce the complexity of subscriber data management for expanding services and applications.

Its flexible architecture and performance make Smart User Repository the perfect choice for subscriber data management implementations requiring 3GPP-based SPR or UDR components.

Proven scalability

  • Our largest deployment serves 130 million subscribers with 99.999% availability for over five years
  • Tested for up to 500 million subscribers with less than one millisecond latency

Unrivalled performance / TCO ratio

  • Performs 80k reads and 25k writes per second on a single server
  • Committed to achieve 2x TCO reduction or 2x performance increase in every release

Designed for the next generation of Subscriber Data Management challenges

  • Provides 3GPP notification mechanism to ease the distribution of data updates into the network
  • Supports on-the-fly data compression and data encryption

Key architectural points

  • Decoupled architecture provides linear scaling for predictable expansion
  • Unlimited horizontal redundancy for read operations
  • Primary/secondary master architectures to reduce replication overload

Smart User Repository – an overview


Openwave Mobility SDM - A Complimentary Set of Products

The need to provide a single view across data silos so operators can supply innovative, highly personalized services drives the need for a hybrid family of products.  Openwave Mobility meets this need with its SDM product mix:

  • Smart User Repository (SUR) a massively scalable system for distributed, synchronized subscriber data
  • Smart Data Federator (SDF) a highly flexible interface between silos to both read and write data to existing and new systems, allowing for an integrated single view of the data
  • Smart Identity Manager (SmartidM) – a set of two products enabling operators to share subscriber identity information with content providers, financial institutions etc in a secure manner