Integra™ - Platform for Virtualizing Services (NFV)

World's most scalable SDN/NFV enabled VAS Platform

Traffic manage, optimize and monetize your exponential growth in mobile data from a single point Integra provides the ideal VAS platform solution for operators. Integra delivers on Network Function Virtualization (NFV) both from the perspective of virtual network function components (VNFC), service orchestration, dynamic function chaining and elastic deployment. This is the basis for the practical expansion into Software Defined Networks (SDN).

Integra powers many of the solutions provided by Openwave Mobility. These are listed in the downloadable datasheet opposite and include Media Optimization, Secure Traffic Management, IP deep Packet Classification, Metering and Pricing Applications and Targeted Promotions and Notifications. Integra is the industry’s most scalable platform and has established new benchmarks in capacity on COTS blade center hardware, e.g. 100 Gbps though put on a standard Cisco UCS chassis.

Integra provides a flexible service orchestration and dynamic policy enforcement point which can be expanded into the ALL-IP traffic flow transparently to intelligently detect when and where to add value. The application service orchestration provided by Integra expands in a modular (VNF) manner to provide the next generation of solution options, delivering within a common framework for both data plane and control plane sharing and orchestration among a large variety of data flows from different networks, apps, users consuming a wide variation of web resources.

As a virtualized function the solution can be rapidly deployed, and through its integrated 3GPP interfaces it complements and works with current and next generation infrastructure to deliver dynamic application switching and core functions for mobile broadband.

At the heart of Integra lies a plug-in layer 4-7 orchestration layer, providing dynamic triggering of layer 7 services with attributes from the flow, profile, authentication and web service all being combined into a single intelligent switching capability. This capability is provided with low latency and best in class capacity numbers in throughput for signaling and data plane traffic per blade.

Openwave Mobility has been identified as one of the Top 26 Companies in the Global NFV Market

ABI Research report: Small Operators Can Step Up to SDN/NFV by Virtualizing Video (Oct 2013):
"The Openwave Mobility Integra platform is one answer to the Tier 2-4 operator needs. With the Integra Platform solution, the operator can immediately address and optimize both OTT video traffic and web traffic. In addition, the Openwave Mobility monetization features are put in play - including an advanced analytics capability and a scalable subscriber repository."

Please refer to our Technology Vision for further understanding of how Openwave Mobility is positioned within the SDN/NFV space.