All IP Traffic Management - Overview

Reboot your DPI - monetize your IP traffic

Deep Packet Inspection ... or Dead Piece of Investment?

Maximum cost – minimum benefit. Outdated appliance DPIs demand dedicated hardware and come with service restrictions. These passive DPIs cannot fully monetize real-time use cases such as ad-blocking, content filtering, and QoE monitoring. And that’s before you even consider that increasing encrypted traffic means your DPI is seeing less and less.

Reboot your DPI - monetize your IP traffic flows

A flexible and agile virtualized architecture is the game changer for driving costs down and revenues up. Openwave Mobility's fully virtualized IP Traffic Management suite enables operators to re-insert themselves back into the path of IP traffic flows and add unique value that can be monetized immediately.

Our IP Traffic Management Product Suite

IP Traffic Manager
Our IP Traffic Manager (IP-TM) is a software-only Virtual Network Function (VNF) that runs entirely on COTS hardware. It provides a flexible plug-in platform that continuously performs packet/session classification and uses this to invoke a complete set of value added services. IP-TM is a new and far more flexible approach for operators moving to NFV that delivers revenue-generating services in a virtualized environment using COTS hardware.

Rebooting DPI with IP-TM - VP Indranil Chatterjee explains

"Operators seeking to improve their financial performance should consider Openwave Mobility’s IP-TM solution as they migrate and scale into the networks of tomorrow", Joe Hoffman, ABI Research. Read the Report

IP Traffic Filter
IP Traffic Filter delivers content categorization and filtering in real-time to classify content, from adult to games, or gambling to search engines. It enables use cases for example BYOD to work for enterprises, blocking inappropriate content for minors, and blocking  unwanted content such as advertising.

Integra – NFV Platform
Integra is Openwave Mobility’s core NFV platform, providing the underlying architecture for all our Traffic Management solutions including IP-TM, IP Traffic Filter, Video Optimization, Secure Traffic Management and PPI.

Integra has a rich history of enabling carriers around the globe to manage and monetize growing mobile traffic. It provides the single point in a mobile operator’s network for service orchestration / chaining and dynamic policy enforcement, and intelligently detects exactly when and where to add value. Using the Integra framework as the basis of a number of VNFs, this provides operators with the means to transparently manage next-generation IP traffic streams and orchestrate value added services.

Integra has won multiple product awards and is the reason that Openwave Mobility is identified as one of the Top Companies in the Global NFV Market.

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