Integra™ - Platform for Virtualizing Services (NFV)

World's most scalable SDN/NFV enabled VAS Platform

Through Integra & value added service Openwave Mobility is delivering solutions, both directly and in partnership, with software based SDN/NFV solutions. In delivering personalized service routing & dynamic service chaining with Open API, the Integra is the key to unlocking new business value from the data path. The design separation of control plane interaction from user plane packet processing delivers best in class scale on COTS hardware. Support for KVM and VMWare mean that the choice for virtualization technology is open.

The Integra platform is a modular, flexible framework for both control plane data decision making and handling high volume, low latency mobile data traffic streams. The rapidly changing mobile traffic path is characterized by increasing personalization, new data hungry devices, machine to machine traffic, media heavy web content, and high definition video, as well as competitive pressures on quality of service and increasing volumes of encrypted traffic.

It is within this context that Integra provides the ideal VAS platform solution for operators. Integra also delivers on network function virtualization both from the perspective of virtual network function components (VNFC) and also service orchestration, dynamic function chaining and elastic deployment. This is the basis for the practical expansion into Software Defined Networks.

Integra provides mobile data operators with core capabilities for service mediation, orchestration of service chains, session and policy management and the management of encrypted traffic. It is designed to allow operators to effectively manage, monitor and monetize mobile data traffic streams. Integra, provides operators the optimum approach for enabling SDN & NFV in their PCC networks, with Open APIs and solution partnerships with key ecosystem partners. Integra also functions as an Application level SDN Platform / SDN Controller separating control plane interactions, such as interfacing with PCRF, SUR, AAA and Radius from the user plane packet & stream processing at L4-7.

The highly modular architecture, low latency and high performance for both the signaling/control plane and the data/user plane data streams are the capabilities required to be selectively and intelligently in the content path. This is key to managing the access, the user experience of the flow, assigning bandwidth/policy and developing new policies & services. Integra is agnostic to hypervisor and can be deployed in KVM and VMWare environments on COTS hardware with ESXi hypervisor and vCloud. It is orchestrated using OpenStack API

An increasing impact on mobile data is the over-use of data encryption. This can severely affect the ability of the operator to manage the business of providing mobile data access. Openwave Mobility address this by end user engagement and selective TLS mediation where mutually agreed and acknowledged. This is embodied in the Secure Traffic Manager which extends Integra’s orchestration capability into the encrypted path.

Openwave Mobility solutions such as Mobile Data Optimization  and Mobile Data Monetization  are built on Integra and use its Workflow Engine to enable rapid creation and deployment of Premium Services, innovative pricing models and subscriber self-care.

There are two Product Sheets that further explain the Integra SDN/NFV enabled VAS platform. Both can be downloaded from the right hand margin :

  1. A general overview of Integra as a Service Orchestration platform
  2. A more specific discussion of how Secure Traffic Manager provides the solution to the problem of managing and monetizing encrypted conten

Openwave Mobility has been identified as one of the Top 26 Companies in the Global NFV Market (Apr 2014)

ABI Research report: Small Operators Can Step Up to SDN/NFV by Virtualizing Video (Oct 2013)
"The Openwave Mobility Integra platform is one answer to the Tier 2-4 operator needs. With the Integra Platform solution, the operator can immediately address and optimize both OTT video traffic and web traffic. In addition, the Openwave Mobility monetization features are put in play - including an advanced analytics capability and a scalable subscriber repository."

Please refer to our Technology Vision for a more detailed understanding of how Openwave Mobility is positioned within the SDN/NFV space.