All IP Traffic Management - overview

Reboot your DPI and monetize all-IP traffic flows


Mobile operators are increasingly managing unprecedented volumes of mobile data and dealing with consumption of diverse media streams on multiple devices. This is combined with high volumes of signalling information and made even more difficult by the increasing adoption of secure/encrypted traffic by content providers. Openwave Mobility’s suite of IP Traffic Management products enables operators to re-insert themselves back into the path of all and any IP traffic flows and add unique value which can be directly monetized. There are 3 main products in our IP Traffic Management set.

IP Traffic Manager

New real time use cases that operators need to consider are forever emerging, eg ad-blocking, content filtering, real time QoE monitoring and control, and fair and reasonable usage management. Failure to implement could result in revenues erosion, subscriber churn and loss of competitive edge. Legacy DPI technology that enables these use cases requires expensive dedicated hardware and comes with service restrictions.

Openwave Mobility are rebooting DPI. Our IP Traffic Manager (IP-TM) uses a flexible plug in event architecture to enable packet/flow and session classification and flexible VAS options in virtualized environment and using COTS hardware. IP Traffic Manager enables all the above use cases and, when combined with other solutions from Openwave Mobility many more, such as targeted promotions and upsells, and selective video optimization.

"Not all bytes have the same value. Operators seeking to improve their financial performance should consider Openwave Mobility’s IP-TM solution as they migrate and scale into the networks of tomorrow. IP-TM brings many innovations to the operator" Joe Hoffman, VP ABI Research

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IP Traffic Filter

Openwave Mobility’s Intelligent IP Traffic Filter delivers dynamic web categorization and content filtering. It provides real time detection and reporting of the category of web domain about to be consumed by the end user so that the access rules based on that user’s profile can be enforced. Web categorization can be applied to both encrypted and unencrypted traffic flows for the intelligent implementation of access policies and highly effective content filtering.

Filtering is implemented using multiple dynamic categories of content, ranging from adult to games and gambling to search engines. Real time detection and enforcement on the data access path is used to create differentiated service access policies.  Dynamic categorization can be selectively invoked (eg based on user profile or central policy) and multiple actions for category of content can be defined.

Integra – NFV Platform

Our IP Traffic Management solutions are all based on the core Openwave Mobility platform: Integra.

Integra provides single-point service orchestration / service chaining and a dynamic policy enforcement point which can be expanded into the ALL-IP traffic flow transparently to intelligently detect when and where to add value. As the core NFV solution platform from Openwave Mobility, Integra provides the underlying plug-in chassis for most of our solutions including IP-TM, IP Traffic Filter, Video Optimisation, Secure Traffic Management and PPI.  As such Integra has a rich history of enabling carriers around the globe to manage, monitor and monetize growing mobile traffic and has been deployed many times and across all geographies.

Integra has won multiple product awards and is the reason that Openwave Mobility was identified as one of the Top Companies in the Global NFV Market.