PPI™ Targeted Promotions & Notifications

Targeted promotions, mobile ads, alerts and notifications


Operators throughout the world are challenged to grow their data revenue. Therefore developing new revenue streams through targeted Mobile Ad insertion and alerts / notifications is essential for long term growth.

Openwave Mobility’s PPI Promotions & Notifications enables operators to engage in real time with their subscribers when promoting new services and content. By using a variety of rich form factors such as push notifications and content insertion promotions are made relevant to subscribers leading to high click through rates ranging from 20-30%. Thus the operator benefits as they can build new revenue streams from successfully promoting third party content. Equally the subscriber benefits as they are kept up to date with timely and relevant offers leading to a more personalized mobile experience and increased customer satisfaction.

PPI Promotions Applications

PPI Promotions leverage Openwave Mobility’s advanced HTML 5 content injection techniques providing a complete clientless approach to rich content promotion and discovery for smartphones, tablets and laptops while browsing.

PPI Promotions supports a range of practical applications such as:

• Content & Plan
• Mobile Ad Insertion
• Mobile App Downloads
• SNS Viral Marketing
• User Driven Recommendations


Content & Plan

PPI’s Content & Plan Promotion enables operators to effectively promote their own content and plans, or 3rd party content to end users. Specific promotional widgets can be programmed to appear based on contextual data such as device, url being browsed, time of day etc. For example, a subscriber might be:

  • informed of related content of interest when navigating to specific sites or
  • informed of related operator plans and special offers



Mobile Ads

Context is king in driving a successful mobile Ad strategy. PPI’s Mobile Ads enables the operator to provide rich context and inventory to third party ad brokers to drive targeted ad campaigns and to measure click through and impressions rates to gauge success.

• Supports alternative form factors
• Provides flexible layout options






App Discovery


Not every app can make it to the top 20 download list.  Operators are in an ideal position to establish relationships with app developers to help them advertise their application. With PPI App Download Promotions the operator can make specific tailored app recommendations to a user using rich form factors and based on contextual and analytics derived data, ultimately leading to a higher probability of download.



SNS Viral Marketing

With PPI SNS Viral Marketing Promotions operator can easily link to Facebook and other social media. They can further incentivize their customers to “Like” their promotion on Facebook through some form of loyalty reward. For example “Like this promo on Facebook and get 60 minutes free browsing!”






User Driven Recommendations

With PPI User Driven Recommendations operators can offer inline recommendation which help their subscribers find content and services related to where they are currently browsing in an instant. The dynamic toolbar form factor is ideally suited to provide such 3rd party recommendation apps which when activated (on demand) will return related results in a rich presentation manner. 

MOTIFY - Real-time notifications - when it matters!

With the continuous adoption of over the top (OTT) Apps by consumers, operators need to find new ways to relate to their subscriber base.  Frequent and exciting customer engagement when it matters, where it matters is essential. Timing and relevancy are key. Openwave Mobility’s MOTIFY is a cloud and/or network based context-aware mobile notification product that enables operators to provide valuable and rich real-time information to their subscribers. For e.g. a time sensitive promotion, an overage or data roaming alert etc.

For operators it is often challenging to choose the right communication channel (SMS, Web Communication, etc.) for the right purpose. MOTIFY ensures immediate subscriber reach regardless of whether they are using browser or application. These notifications are sent using standard push notification technologies for Android and iOS in the predominant mobile device groups and exploit their advanced content rendering capabilities to provide a rich user experience.

Operator Benefits

• Real-time two way customer engagement for time critical and time sensitive events
• Context Driven: Tailors notification message per unique event and/or subscriber profile
• Multiple and Rich modes of Push Notification: system In-tray, Popup, Banner, Rich Media, using Standard Push technologies
• Guaranteed Subscriber Reach: regardless of what users are doing on their device
• Subscriber Tracking and Analytics

Subscriber Benefits

• Bill Shock Avoidance: user kept informed and must first “opt in”
• Targeted, Personalized and Timely offers ensure subscriber is always kept in the loop
• Push Acknowledgement service enables easy tie-in with customer incentive programs