Mobile Media Optimization

Intelligent Optimization of Video, Audio and Web Content


Faster mobile networks, richer website content, soaring appetites for streaming video, more powerful mobile devices and heightened user expectations are combining to place an unprecedented strain on mobile operator networks today. Congested networks deliver a poor user experience, encourage subscriber churn and lead to significant impacts on the profitability of the operators.

How do I deliver the best possible experience to my customers whilst minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of my network?

Openwave Mobility's DynaMO solution can help address the concern. DynaMO solution consists of three products: DynaMO HD, DynaSurf, DynaTune to optimize video, web and audio respectively. 


DynaMO suite helps mobile operators to simultaneously optimize both cost and quality.

  1. Delivers a quality of experience to subscribers – quick start, smooth, no stutters.
  1. Minimizes TCO by managing congestion dynamically in hotspots.
  1. Fits into the operators NFV / SDN strategy seamlessly
  1. Provides a Dashboard to understand the traffic profile and monitor optimization impact on the network


Openwave Mobility Products
This Solution utilizes the following products within the Openwave Mobility product portfolio:
Dyna Surf
Dyna Tune
Mobile Analytics
Smart User Repository

Additionally, the DynaMO solution can be extended in scope by integrating with Mobile Data Monetization solution. For example PPI Pricing to create innovative "video as a service" price plans, and increase revenues.