Integra™ - SDN/NFV Enabled

World's most scalable SDN/NFV enabled VAS platform


Openwave Mobility directly addresses the problem of how to manage unprecedented data consumption through the provision of a 3GPP Application Function that enables essential Value Added Services (VAS’s). These include Mobile Data Charging, Video Optimization, Subscriber Data Management, and Mobile Analytics. At the heart of this Application Function lies a plug-in VAS platform: Integra. The Integra software solution provides operators with the core platform for service orchestration and policy management designed to allow operators to effectively manage, monitor and monetize growing mobile traffic.

The Integra solution orchestrates and mediates a set of mobile internet services that are driven by a rich policy-rules engine, allowing each transaction to be processed based on factors including user profile, device capabilities, content and network type. As traffic increases, the Integra solution can rapidly scale to deploy new mobile data services across converging access networks and devices.

ABI Reserach report: Small Operators Can Step Up to SDN/NFV by Virtualizing Video (Oct 2013)
"The Openwave Mobility Integra platform is one answer to the Tier 2-4 operator needs. With the Integra Platform solution, the opertor can immediately address and optimize both OTT video traffic and web traffic. In addition, the Openwave Mobility monetization features are put in play - including an advanced analytics capability and a scalable subscriber repository."

Openwave Mobility solutions such as Promotion and Pricing Innovation™ and Congestion Control (web/video optimization) solutions build on Integra and use its Workflow Engine to enable rapid creation and deployment of Premium Services, innovative pricing models and subscriber self-care.


An SDN and NFV Enabled Platform

Integra, providing operators the optimum approach for enabling SDN & NFV in their PCC networks.

NFV enables operators to leverage standard hardware and virtualization technology across applications to allow remote and dynamic provisioning and configuration of networks. This enables cost reduction of hardware and also allows for faster, more flexible operations. The Integra solution sits at the heart of the operator’s virtualization strategy providing service orchestration to ensure that all virtualized applications are coordinated and invoked as and when required.

Integra also functions as a L7 SDN Platform / SDN Controller. The Integra solution has been architected whereby the control plane interactions, such as interface with PCRF, SUR, AAA and Radius Servers, with multiple northbound protocols and APIs are separated from the user plane packet processing at L4-7. This is in line with the core foundation of design principles of SDN.

Operator Benefits

Subscriber Benefits

Please refer to our Technology Vision for a more detailed understanding of how Openwave Mobility is positioned within the SDN/NFV space.