Mobile Data Monetization

Engage your subscribers and increase service adoption

Openwave Mobility’s Mobile Data Monetization solution gives subscribers the ability to control what they buy, when they buy it, and in terms they can understand. Equally it gives operators innovative new ways to engage with their subscribers and to monetize data leading to incremental revenues and reduced churn. The solution provides new application-based price-plans such as “video as a service” and allows operators to notify its users of time critical events and notifications, empowering them to make the decision to purchase which ultimately leads to increased adoption of new services by as much as 4X and proven churn reduction (see Case Study).

Mobile Data Monetization uses a new concept in the PCC domain, Policy Engagement, to enable carriers to use Policy to interact directly with subscribers. It provides a rich environment for Policy Engagement services, leveraging an inline browsing toolbar based on HTML5 and Push Notification technologies, more basic web pages and SMS notifications. As a result subscribers are engaged exactly as the context dictates.

"Bringing policy-based control to the customer through an interactive experience - such as that provided through the Openwave Mobility PPI solution, in what it calls "policy engagement" - is the absolutely correct position to take."

Frost & Sullivan, May 2013

Please refer to our Technology Vision for a more detailed understanding of how Openwave Mobility is positioned within the Policy Control and Charging space.


With Openwave Mobility’s Mobile Data Monetization solutions operators around the world are increasing mobile data revenues and customer satisfaction by:

Mobile Data Monetization Product Offerings

Our Mobile Data Monetization solution consists of three separate product offerings:


Leverages standard push notification technologies as a communication channel direct to a native application on the end customer device for time sensitive and time critical information. Provides Real-time customer engagement for time critical events and time sensitive promotions. Uses established push technologies as a communication channel directly a device native app to enable rich subscriber interaction even when they are not browsing. Click here to read more.

PPI Pricing

Enables carriers to price and manage data in innovative ways and in a manner that is easy for the end subscriber to understand. Introduces service oriented data pricing models. Click here to read more. 

PPI Promotion

Enables carriers to drive new monetization models through targeted offers and promotions using a range of rich and contextual inline content injection techniques. Provides applications for targeted and context driven promotion of operator and 3rd party content and services while browsing. Uses rich HTML 5 content injection techniques supporting a range of rendering form factors which can be tailored per application/use case. Click here to read more. 

Openwave Mobility Products
This solution utilizes the following products within the Openwave Mobility product portfolio:
PPI Pricing
PPI Promotion
Mobile Analytics
Smart User Repository

Additionally, Monetization can be expanded in scope by integrating with Media Optimization solution. For example, to enhance a video service offering by including video optimization using DynaMO HD as part of a PPI Video service or roaming plan.