Mobile Analytics - Cloud and Business Edition

Monetizing subscriber behavior

Deep within the data flows from and to your end users lies valuable information. You can identify which terminals drive profitable data usage, which services are attracting most users, how long and how often users are spending with services and how much data is being consumed per service both directly and indirectly (e.g. advertising).

Openwave Mobility’s Mobile Data Analytics platform enables the cost effective extraction of this information, at the most sensible place in the network providing your management teams with the information they most need to deliver profitable services. The key to cost effectiveness is the Openwave Mobility compression mechanism which reduces the data volume by 100 -1 and providing options to have this both in the data center and in the cloud for elastic service deployment.

Mobile Data Analytics provides dynamic correlated dashboards of the user activity that can easily be mapped to segments of the user community by a number of key combinations e.g. profile, activity, time, device type, category, enabling the marketing department to create insights and focused campaigns. The solutions provided by Openwave Mobility can deliver those campaigns into flexible, contextual user engagement – so that the offer (e.g. a new data plan, voucher, promotion) is made at maximum point of relevancy in the data path of the user’s activity.

Additionally our Mobile Data Analytics solution tracks the success of the campaign in real terms and the on-going effect it has on the demographic of the user’s aggregate behavior.

Mobile Data Analytics’ dynamic user & activity segmentation integrates with the flow controller within software defined networking (SDN). This provides the key value in driving how flexible application services will be targeted and deployed in future virtualized environments to maximize the benefit to the end user and to maximize the advantages of NFV and SDN from a service perspective.

Cloud Edition

Public / Private Cloud deployment options available enable interworking on multiple data sources to provide key reporting and business analysis. The flexibility of cloud is realized by the 2 stage process of processing the data sources periodically to derive key performance indicators, dashboard & segment information, and the intuitive reporting and management GUI which enables the data analyzer/marketing and operations to have a full view of the mobile broadband traffic.

Business Edition

The data center edition provides close coupled linkage with key infrastructure (such as profile repository, DPI data sources, content promotion management) delivering integrated business reports, segmentation, dynamic/automated campaign, promotion management and revenue dashboards.

Operator Benefits

Mobile Analytics for Other Openwave Mobility Solutions

Other solutions from Openwave Mobility take maximum advantage of Mobile Analytics to improve both the user experience and network performance based on the insights gained.