Context and Congestion aware SD and HD video optimization


Social networking and smartphones with HD screens have ignited an explosion in video on the mobile internet. Today more than 50% of all mobile traffic is video, or to put it another way, video traffic on mobile data networks now accounts for more than all other types of traffic combined together. 

Additionally, user viewing habits have changed with most viewers now preferring to video snack: watching a short comedy clip or a brief news update. Viewers expect fast download, smooth playback and to view any format on any device.



Openwave Mobility’s DynaMO HD is a high performance, intelligent network-device-quality and policy-aware delivery product for online video content. DynaMO HD’s intelligent virtualized optimization of online video content ensures the most efficient use of RAN and network resources to deliver the best experience while saving CAPEX and OPEX costs.

The key capabilities of the solution are:

Other Openwave Mobility Products

DynaMO HD forms part of Openwave Mobility’s Media Optimization solution, which also includes DynaSurf and DynaTune for optimization of web and audio respectively.

Additionally, Openwave Mobility offers a unique Mobile Data Monetization solution, which together with video optimization provides a complete and unrivalled solution for mobile operators wishing to manage and monetize mobile video.