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Mobile Operators – get ready for DPI 2.0

Six months ago, we proclaimed DPI to be a Dead Piece of Investment, an outdated technology that needed to evolve with the times. A lot can change in six months, especially mobile trends and technologies. The pressure to evolve DPI…

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6 lessons for mobile operators moving to NFV

NFV is like a newborn baby! Having recently come into the world, it is still getting its bearings and it is experiencing teething problems. Having worked first-hand on NFV pilots, deployments and trials there are similarities that operators face in…

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NFV – this stuff is about to get real, folks

Everybody knows that Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technology will fundamentally change how telco networks are designed, deployed and operated. Like most mobile technology shifts it has been over-hyped for several years; and like most mobile technology shifts, once it actually…

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Seamless sign-ins: Adding SMARTS to passwords

By John Giere, President and CEO | Aman Brar, VP, SDM Product & Global Business Development  I credit my friend and well-regarded wireless industry analyst Mark Lowenstein for inspiring this blog. Mark recently published a survey after he polled his…

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MWC 2017: We need to talk about 5G…or do we?

By John Giere, President & CEO of Openwave Mobility Let’s be honest, there was very little new at this year’s MWC.  Of course, this fact didn’t discourage the industry “Genies and Myth Makers” from pulling out their annual MWC magic…

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Who’s monetizing your network?

There hasn’t been a better time for the consumption of video. There are a myriad of sources delivering unique, high-quality multimedia, and consumers have an insatiable appetite to guzzle all that content just about anywhere, anytime. You could probably watch…

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